From The 1960's

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October 28-30 at 8pm
October 31 at 2pm
November 6 at 8pm
November 7 at 2pm

Directed by Wess Hughes

Do you remember when hair was hard and life was easy??? Big hair is back and so is the infectious 'shoo-be-do-wop-wop' sound of the 1960's. Take 35 wailing women and add 1 hot band, 99 big wigs, 60 costumes, 25 cans of hairspray and more than 40 of the greatest '60's hits, and you get "BEEHIVE! THE 60's MUSICAL!

A hit Off-Broadway musical revue of the great tunes of that decade, BEEHIVE! is a high energy parade of pop songs by The Supremes, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, Connie Francis, The Chiffons, Janis Joplin and many, many others. It has all the fringe, the sequins and the towering hair-dos that marked that decade, and if you see a haze in the air around the Arabian Theatre this fall, it won't be smog. It'll just be...Aquanet.

Director Wess Hughes and Music Director Michelle Howells have an unbelievable cast that will knock your go-go boots off! Start practicing now so you can sing along to "The Name Game"... Shirley, Shirley, bo birley, banana fanna fo firley, fee fi mo mirley...Shirley!

From the 1960's

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January 13-16, 2011

Directed by Jennifer Coghlan & Adam Trest

And what else premiered 50 years ago-the same time LLT was getting started? Alabama author Harper Lee wrote her poignant drama TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD back in 1960, and the best selling novel went on to become a Pulitzer Prize winner and a classic of modern American literature.

The 1962 movie was a huge box office and critical success and was nominated for 8 Academy Awards. It won 3 Oscars including a Best Actor statue for Gregory Peck's portrayal of attorney Atticus Finch-a character that Harper Lee had based on her own dad and the true story of an event of racial inequality that he had experienced in their Southern hometown when Harper was still a young child. The drama is renowned for its warmth and humor and is a truly memorable tear-jerker of a production.

From the 1960's

Daddy's Dyin' Logo


March 3-6, 2011

Directed by Frankie Bennett

Fifty years ago, the founders of LLT first got together in the Coffee Shop of the old Pinehurst Hotel to start our group. Little did they know back in 1961 that one day LLT would be performing next door in the Arabian Theatre-just steps away from where they were meeting that summer!

They quickly organized and the very first show LLT ever presented was a comedy, and every year since then we've presented at least one comedy a year. Especially popular with our audiences are the 'southern' comedies and we have a doozy for you this season.

In DADDY'S DYIN'...WHO'S GOT THE WILL?, a set of 1960's siblings all converge on their childhood Texas home when they're told their Dad is dying. Lurleen, Sara Lee, Orville and Evalita all come back to make sure they can each fight for their share of Daddy Buford's big estate. You can bet that major cat fights will ensue and ensure some major belly laughs!

From the 1960's

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May 12-15, 2011

Directed by Lacy Cockrell

Speaking of Aquanet, the 2002 musical HAIRSPRAY ran on Broadway for 7 years and just recently closed there. It won 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical of the Year and the recent movie version starring John Travolta, Zac Efron and Queen Latifah won the Golden Globe for Best Movie.

Set in 1962 Baltimore, Maryland, the musical follows the ''pleasantly plump'' teen Tracy Turnblad, whose dream is to dance on a local TV dance program. When she surprisingly wins a place on the show, Tracy becomes a celebrity overnight even though she isn't the typical "popular girl" and she uses her fame to make things better for all the outcasts at her school. HAIRSPRAY is a bubblegum-flavored confection full of great songs and hot dances and is as sweet as a show can be without promoting tooth decay!

From the 1960's

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Our Annual Summer LLT Kid's Camp

June 2-12, 2011

Directed by Wess Hughes
with instructors Lacy Cockrell, Shane Cockrell, Pam Johnson, Missy Sanderson

At some point, everyone has seen the hit 1966 TV special How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It repeats on television every holiday, and all the great Dr. Seuss books have long been children's favorites. Just a couple years ago, the characters of his books all became Broadway stars in this new musical, and the Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, the Grinch and all the folks from Whoville make for a delightful new show that kids of all ages will love.

We present our annual Summer Kid's Camp with an intensive one week workshop where students will have the unique learning opportunity to discover and grow their talents and strengths. The students will gain both on-stage and off-stage experience and learn the audition, rehearsal and performance process and have a unbelievably memorable time doing it. Kids have an unbounding imagination and their desire to sing and dance and participate in the performing arts will make for a highlight of their summer.

Seasoned LLT veteran performers and directors will lead classes this week in workshops that will enrich the kid's lives and will culminate with performances of SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL. To make sure you receive info and details on our summer camp, drop a line to to be included on our mailing list.