Famous Characters

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The Wizard of Oz

August 18-21
August 26-27

Directed by Lacy Cockrell

It's one of the most beloved musicals of all time, and we open our 51st Season with a huge cast featuring all those famous characters that everyone knows and loves: Dorothy & Toto, the Scarecrow, Tin Man & Cowardly Lion, the Wicked Witch of the West & Glinda the Good Witch, and of course, all those little Munchkins and the man himself, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.

There's been dozens of various stage productions of this story since L. Frank Baum first wrote his children's book over a hundred years ago in 1900. Film adaptations included silent movie versions and cartoons, as well as the famous 1939 Technicolor movie that made a huge star out of little Judy Garland and went on to win 2 Academy Awards.

Director Lacy Cockrell has been rehearsing her huge cast all summer, and they'll delight audiences of all ages with those songs that everyone knows: "We Welcome You To Munchkinland", "Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead!", "If I Only Had a Brain" and the most famous of all,"Over the Rainbow."

LLT first presented Oz back in 1981 to completely sold out houses, and this summer will be no different--so don't miss out. Put on your ruby red slippers, and come along and "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" to the Land of Oz! "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home!"

Hilarious Characters

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A Tuna Christmas

December 8-11, 2011

Directed by Catherine Nowicki

It's a side-splitting comedic tour-de-force for just two actors that play a total of 24 different hilarious characters with the quickest costume changes you'll ever see, and some of the biggest belly laughs you'll ever hear!

Catherine Nowicki will direct veteran LLT actors Wess Hughes and her husband, Steven Nowicki, as they become all the various townsfolk of redneck Tuna, Texas.... the third smallest town in Texas. Tuna is a quirky little place where "the Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies!"

Come and kick up your cowboy heels as the whole town whips itself into a frenzy over the traumas and dramas of their annual Christmas Yard Display Contest and the local little theatre's horridly bad production of A Christmas Carol.

There's Didi Snavely--the insipid used-gun store owner and R.R., her crazy UFO aficionado husband; Vera Carp and Bertha Bumiller, the leaders of the local 'Smut Snatchers' organization; Thurston and Arles, the DJs on the area's only radio station; and Helen Bedd and Inita Goodwin, the two gum snappin' waitresses at the local greasy spoon called The Tasty Creme.

God rest ye merry gentleman--it's two hoots in a ten-gallon hat, with a ho-ho-ho-larious start to the holiday season!

Tragic Characters

Streetcar Named Desire Logo

A Streetcar
Named Desire

February 23-26, 2012

Directed by Amanda Robertson

It's the Pulitzer Prize winning play written by Mississippi native Tennessee Williams, and features Laurel's own most famous fictional character, Blanche DuBois. Some say Blanche was based on a notorious real-life teacher from our area that was run out of town because of her shady reputation. She ended up living in New Orleans' steamy French Quarter with her sister and brother-in-law, Stella and Stanley Kowalski. Blanche is a fading relic of the Old South, but a classic Southern belle who delivers that famous line "Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

A Streetcar Named Desire opened on Broadway in 1947, and had a highly successful NYC revival in 1992 starring Jessica Lange and Alec Baldwin. It's won eight Tony Awards in its various Broadway productions, and negotiations are now underway for a Spring 2012 NYC revival with Blair Underwood set to play Stanley.

The 1951 movie with Vivian Leigh and Marlon Brando was a huge hit as well, and won four Academy Awards. Locally, our own LLT production in 1978 was breathtakingly headlined by one of original theatre founders, Page Harris.

Director Amanda Robertson will be looking for a full cast of Southern characters. Come on down, ladies, if you're a Blanche or a Stella.....and men, she's gonna need a big ol' brute of a man to play Stanley!

Streetcar is PG15: Some suggestive content; recommended for ages 15 and up.

Musical Characters

Visions of Broadway Logo

Visions of Broadway
A Frankie B. Revue

April 19-22, 2012

Directed by Frankie Bennett

It's a season ending musical revue! Broadway is brimming with great musicals that sometimes bypass local community theatres. Next spring, Visions of Broadway-A Frankie B. Revue will bring to life the songs from those shows right on our very own LLT stage. Gracing the Arabian audiences will be musical characters from classics that have been recently revived on Broadway such as Guys & Dolls and West Side Story; show tunes from current Broadway hits that have never been produced on the LLT stage (but might one day!) such as Mary Poppins, Catch Me If You Can, and Follies; and even great musical numbers from shows that possibly will never come to the local stage in their entirety due to limitations of budget, size or content such as Young Frankenstein and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Director Frankie Bennett has put together her own Visions of Broadway with a revue that is certain to be star-studded with many of your favorite LLT performers.

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Children's Characters

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Alice in Wonderland

May 31 - June 10, 2012

Directed by Brenda Parker

It's our annual Summer Kid's Camp with an intensive one week workshop where students will have the unique learning opportunity to gain both on-stage and off-stage experience.

The students will learn the audition, rehearsal and performance process, and have an unbelievably memorable time doing it. Kids have an unbounding imagination, and their desire to sing and dance and participate in the performing arts will make for a highlight of their summer.

Seasoned LLT veteran performers and directors will lead classes this week in workshops that will enrich the kids' lives and will culminate with performances of Disney's musical version of Lewis Carroll's madcap adventure, Alice In Wonderland. It's full of all those great children's characters like the Mad Hatter, Twiddledum & Tweedledee, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the mad Queen of Hearts and of course, Alice herself. The show features memorable Disney songs "I'm Late," "The Unbirthday Song," and "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah."

Director Brenda Parker will head up the camp that will be open to students from 1st grade through college. Pre-registration is required since the camp will sell out in advance. To make sure you receive info and details on registering, drop a line to LLTLaurelMS@aol.com to be included on our mailing list.